Masterclass Internet Information Service Training.

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5 Tage
EUR2,500/Person (zzgl. Mwst.)
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  • Sicherheitsexperte
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Sie haben gute Kenntnisse rund um Windows Server und Web Server.


Internet Information Services is a solution that can be delivered in a couple of hours as well as in 3 weeks – we practiced both options! IIS is a never-ending subject that requires a deep-dive if you consider using it for web farm administration or if you want to become familiar with IIS behavior in particular situations. During this intensive 5-day training students will be introduced to the process of configuring advanced IIS features, configuring security settings, performing advanced troubleshooting and monitoring. You will learn everything you need to maintain and provide availability to business Web Application platform.


  • Introducing, installing and configuring IIS 10 on Windows Server 2019
  • Administering Web Sites
  • Administering Applications and Application Pools
  • Configuring Application Development Settings
  • IIS 10 functionality extensions
  • Managing IIS 10 Modules
  • Securing the IIS 10 platform and web environment
  • IIS 10 Remote Management
  • Configuring FTP Server on IIS 10
  • Managing IIS 10 from the command line
  • Tuning IIS 10 health and performance
  • Administering Web Server Availability with Web Farms
  • IIS 10 Diagnostics

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